Almost any kind of goods are in one or the other way packed to reach its final destination, retaining its full utilization value. Among all packaging materials paper & paper board are the most significantly used, having a larger volume of the packaging market.

For most of the people around “ A BOX IS A BOX ”, but the scientific values and art of making are not known to many.

It is made up of Kraft paper and has a arched layer called “Fluting”, between smooth sheets called “Liners” Paper Corrugated Board can have a post – primary life as a material for the construction of range of projects, among them being science experiments, children toys, costumes and insulative linings. Although it is usually said jokingly, but children certainly enjoy playing with the boxes, using their imaginations to potray boxes as a n infinite variety of objects. Corrugated Sheet is an extremely durable, versatile, innovative and lightweight material used for custom manufactured shipping containers, packaging and Point of Purchase displays and in addition to numerous non traditional applications ranging from pallets to kids toys to furniture.

Cardboard box’s reputation is as prevalent as a plaything that in 2005 a Paper Corrugated Box was added to the National Toy Hall Of Fame in the United states of America, one of the very few non branded specific toys to be honoured with inclusion. As a result a “Toy House” made from Paper Corrugated Board was added to the Hall, housed at Strong – National Mesuem of Play in Rochester, New York

So basically Paper Corrugated Box, ITS NOT JUST A BROWN BOX